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Gynux was born in Villefranche-sur-Saône, France and currently resides in Lyon. As a child, he had always been drawn to storytelling and illustration. Growing up, he was impressed by Rembrandt’s use of contrast in his compositions, Hirao Miyasaki’s use of detail and unique characters in his cartoons, and the color palette of Dominique Louis’s illustrations. He studied industrial engineering in college and later worked as a furniture and graphic designer. However, he came to realize that there were some boundaries which had been suppressing his creativity by solely focusing on industrial design. He craved the spontaneity that comes from being free to recreate anything from his wildest dreams and his farthest imaginations. Luckily, Gynux met some illustrators at an exhibit which brought him back into the realm of drawing and illustration. His inspiration comes from a wide range of sources – cartoons, fine arts, architecture, film and especially music. While not illustrating, he loves to travel and has visited Turkey, Austria, Spain, England, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, and Germany. Gynux also enjoys spending his free time riding his bike through the forest and playing his piano.

Below are his most recent projects, American Express Gift Card, Jesus Loves Me (A Sing-Along Book) (Zonderkidz), Storm Song by Nancy Viau (Amazon Children's Publishing), Searching for Riki by Elora Muna, Sailing North by Judy Ling (Macmillan), Digger the Dinosaur and the Wrong Song, Digger the Dinosaur & Digger the Dinosaur and the Cake Mistake by Rebecca Kai Dotlich (HarperCollins), ALCOFRIBAS et la méduse noire by Pierre Crooks (Balivernes Editions), 21 histoires de PIRATES by Calouan, Mireille Saver, Virginie Hanna, Christelle Huet-Gomez and Valérie Videau (Hemma), and Mieux qu'un Jouet by Lenia Major (Balivernes Editions).

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