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MB artists represents over 62 children's book illustrators from around the world. Draw on this amazing collection of highly-regarded artists. Explore our website to view artist's portfolios, check out their biography and recent projects, or link to artist's sites, book industry publications and professional organizations.

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John Manders
Mercè Tous
Joanne Lew Vriethoff
Jomike Tejido
Valentina Belloni
Juan Manuel Moreno
Tiphanie Beeke
Rémy Simard
Monica Gutierrez
Sachiko Yoshikawa
Peter Francis
Stephen Lewis
Mattia Cerato
Donald Wu
Violet Lemay
Patricia Geis
Ivanke &  Mey
Constanza Basaluzzo
Steliyana Doneva
John Joven
Carles Arbat
Stephanie Dehennin
Viviana Garofoli
Jim Starr
Hector Borlasca
Hiroe Nakata
Alejandro O´Kif
Alessia Girasole
Mercè  López
Sonia Possentini
Mariona Cabassa
Teresa Ramos
Anne Kennedy
Andre Ceolin
Jennifer Zivoin
Christine Battuz
Angeles Ruiz
Valeria Cis
Jannie Ho
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