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Martí­n Morón was Born on April 24th, 1982, in Buenos Aires Argentina where he currently lives with his wife Sabrina and their children, Lourdes and Federico. As a young child he used to draw on everything-- everywhere. His drawings just kept on getting larger and more complicated as he tried to pour his creative soul on to paper. Luckily, Martin discovered the format of illustrated books and the magical possibility of telling a story with in a 32-page storybook. In his teens, he felt the need to learn more about illustration and found a kind and generous art teacher who provided guidance and foundation of drawing and painting. Martin went to The School of Visual of San Miguel in Buenos Aires. He started his career as an art teacher while pursuing his own personal projects drawing and writing until he published his first book. Since then, he has illustrated over 50 titles, some of them he was both the illustrator and author. When not illustrating, he enjoys cooking for his family. He would also like to skydive soon!

Hilario series by Florencia Esses (Albatros), El lobo y la oveja by Liliana Cinetto (Riderchail), Chanchitos con Moraleja by Cecilia Pisos (AZ editora), Cielito de mi Bandera by Liliana cinetto (Loqueleo), Santi quiere a los bichos & El misterio de las medias perdidas (Fundacion Leer), El detective Enigmo Pocapista by Florencia Esses (Edelvives), La La lección de Ezequiel by Estela Pérez Lugones (Riderchail), Tarde de circo by Gustavo Roldán (SM-Barco de vapor), ValentĂ­n se parece a, by Graciela Montes & Aprendiz de Dragón by Lilana Bodoc (SM-Barco de vapor), Mis Cuentos series (Ediciones Lea).

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Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón
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Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón
Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón Martí­n Morón
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