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Gustavo feels that he has been drawing all his life. Born in 1961, he grew up with Tarzan Of The Apes and was always drawn to images of animals and environments featuring nature. Once he started reading, he spent many hours devouring comic books and enjoying the humor in each adventure they offered. But he did not immediately start a creative career. Gustavo studied nursing after high school. During this time, he continued to draw therapeutic techniques with great humor. He even used the classroom blackboard to showcase his images as often as he could get away with it. His fellow students surely enjoyed his depictions and encouraged his antics, which prompted him to do more drawings. Gustavo worked as a nurse in an ER in a public hospital for several months until he realized that his heart was not in it. He then decided to pursue a career in education. Studying to become a teacher brought him back to children’s literature and eventually illustrating for children’s books. He quickly realized then that drawing and being able to tell a story visually is a craft and a profession he would be perfect for. When not illustrating, Gustavo loves to read history books and cook with his loved ones. He is also an avid hiker where he can enjoy nature at its best, but his dream is to become a trekker to a mountain destination!

Below are some of Gustavo's recent projects, The Secret Garden (Miles Kelly Publishing), I Can Read Level series (HarperCollins), Peapod Readers series (Collins), Young ELI Readers series (ELI), Manners Are More Than Just A Please Or Thank You, Mean Marcie Learns What Kindness Is and Stuart A. Lien Learns What Love Is by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos.

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Gustavo Mazali Gustavo Mazali Gustavo Mazali Gustavo Mazali
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Gustavo Mazali Gustavo Mazali Gustavo Mazali Gustavo Mazali
Gustavo Mazali
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