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Denise Damanti
Denise was born in Empoli, a town near Florence Italy. She was skating at competitive level until she decided to pursue the visual arts, graduating in advertising and graphic design. In 2017, she took a visual design course at Nemo Academy of Visual Arts that introduced her to the world of illustration. She immediately switched gears as illustrator and started working with clients like Rizzoli, Mondadori, Headu, and Pearson. She illustrated her first picture book "Greetings" published by Sassi Editore. Denise loves the rain which brings gray colors and melancholy that she uses as her creative inspiration. She also enjoys observing people and situations that allow her a glimpse of different personalities and human perspectives. Monday is her favorite day because it signifies a new beginning. With a bag full of pencils, color palettes, and new digital techniques, Denise create fantastic worlds and sometimes "halfway" worlds. She finds that it is through an altered world that leaves space for an imagination that represent life at its fullest.

Below are some of her recent and popular projects, Hello and Goodbye by Irena Trevisan (Sassi).

Denise Damanti
T 212 689.7830
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