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Andre Ceolin
André Ceolin is a self-taught illustrator from Brazil He started his first attempt at sketching around the age of four when his father brought home some reams of paper from work. It was in that moment that he fell in love with painting and drawing. André initially got a degree in pharmacy at UNIMEP. Though he worked in this field for several years, his artistic passion was too strong to ignore. As a young father, he was surrounded by beautiful children’s books and was always drawn to the spontaneity of the imagery. He then decided to switch gears and studied at School of Visual Arts in NYC, Melies, and Escola Panamericana de Artes to develop a signature look and learned new illustration techniques. He illustrated his first book “Um Dia na Vida de Micaela” de Cauê by Steinberg Milano, published by Editora Roda & Cia in 2009. Ever since, he has illustrated over 20 books by great publishers in Brazil such as Roda & Cia, Saber e Ler, SM, Moderna, FTD, Editora do Brasil, Editora Abril. He loves working with books targeting juvenile readers from the very young age to middle-grade and young adult. When not illustrating, he creates toys and small sculptures for his son. He also enjoys bicycling, playing his guitar, and, singing.

Below are his most recent projects, Tip and Tucker series by Ann Ingalls & Sue Lowell Gallion (Sleeping Bear Press), The Broken Bees' Nest: Beekeeping by Lydia Lukidis (Kane Pr), My Journey to the Stars by Scott Kelly by Scott Kelly (Crown Books for Young Readers), Yom Kippur Shortstop by David A. Adler (Apples & Honey Press), Droughts by Melissa Stewart (HarperCollins), Asas de Um Sonho by André Ceolin, The Blue Secret by Thais Accioly (Sesi Editora SP), Mozart by G. Aguiar (Editora Roda e Cia), O rapto do rei dorminhoco by Doca Furtado (Saber & Ler), On the other side of the wall by Regina Siguemoto (Editora do Brasil), Presente Amigo by João Proteti, Apito Apitô, Pito Pitô by João Proteti, A Menina dos Livros by G. Aguiar, Coração de Galinha by Cida Pompeo, and O Cavalinho do Carrossel by Eluisio Godoy (Roda e Cia).

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Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin
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Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin
Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin
Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin Andre Ceolin
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