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Stephen Lewis
Stephen was born in Chester, England, in 1971 and was educated at the Chester School of Art and the Liverpool School of Art. As a child, he sent a drawing to Roald Dahl, to which he received the reply, "I can see that one day you will be a famous illustrator." While this did inspire him to begin straight away sending his youthful work to publishers, his career did not begin seriously until some time later. Today he has more than 30 books to his credit, equally at home with children's historical novels, poetry, fiction and educational books. He lives in the garret of a Victorian manor in the north of England with his Black Labrador, Zinja, and enjoys walking, mountain biking and fishing.

Below are Stephen's most recent titles, Incredible Travel Mazes by Pam Beasant (Parragon), You Broke It!, What If I Can't Do It?, I Don't Like Kisses! and It's My Turn! all written by Emma McCann (Korea Hermannhesse), A Plant of My Own by Pamela Chanko (Scholastic), and Seasons Series by Anna Claybourne (Chrysalis Education).

Stephen Lewis Stephen Lewis Stephen Lewis Stephen Lewis
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