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Polona Lovšin
Polona was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As a child she spent most of her time in a small village on a farm with her grandmother and grandfather. As a young child, her father would frequently travel around Europe and she will asked him to bring her color pencils or a pencil case. Later on, he started to bring her paints and she realized then that she wanted to be an artist. Polona studied at Academy of Finea Arts in Ljubljana for Fine Arts. When her first daughter arrived, it opened her eyes to illustration. She would often draw for her and eventually she started illustrating for children magazines. The first most important thing in her work process is natural light – her desk is in her living room in front of a huge window, with a view of the rooftops and the forest. She prefers working during the day but will work on roughs and character sketches at night. She then works on the emotions that will bring about the personality of her animal or children characters. Lastly, she finishes with decorative elements that will allow her to achieve a well-balanced color composition. Polona exhibits all around the world, from Bologna, Bratislava, Europe, Japan, Iran, Argentina, and others.

Below are her most recent projects, The Ugly Duckling (Parragon), The Littlest Bunny by Gillian Shields (Sandy Creek), Welcome to Spring, Baby Bear (Templar Publishing), Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children by Azmaira H. Maker Ph.D. (Aspiring Families Press), Little One, God Loves You & Little One, God Made You Special by Amy Warren Hilliker (Zonderkidz), Unter dem funkelnden Weihnachtsstern by Annette Moser (Loewe), Mi abuela & Mi abuelo by Helena Kraljic (Obelisco).

Polona Lovšin Polona Lovšin Polona Lovšin Polona Lovšin
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Polona Lovšin Polona Lovšin Polona Lovšin Polona Lovšin
Polona Lovšin
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