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Laura Michell
Laura was born in the province of Santa Cruz, a southern part of Argentina. Growing up, she lived in several cities that exposed her to different lifestyles and environments. As a result, she developed a strong sensibility to observe and desire to create and paint. Laura studied painting and engraving at the School of Fine Arts “Pridiliano Pueyrredon” of Buenos Aires. She initially started as a fine artist but realized that she has a knack of telling stories with a series of images. She then switched gears and entered the world of children’s illustrations. When not illustrating, Laura enjoys reading novels, short stories, and theories and philosophies relating to art. She often paints while listening to jazz, folk, blues and rock. Lastly, Laura still loves to travel so she can meet new people and learn new cultures.

Below are some of her recent projects, O Rei Descalço by Pablo Morenno (Physalis), Tamandua, el oso hormiguero y otras leyendas teatralizadas by Julian Melantoni (Urano), Los sueños de la bella durmiente (SM), En la soguita de un verso by Cecilia Pisos (Del Naranjo), Cuentos Para Felipe by Florencia Bonelli (ALFAGUARA I.), O Menino que não Queria Ser Príncipe by Georgina Martins (Edelbra), ¿Sabés remar? by Margarita Maine (AIQUE), Alice Através do Espelho by Lewis Carroll (Scipione), Los enamorados del lago Nahuel Huapi by Florencia Bonelli (La Brujita de Papel), Calle De Rondas by Silvia Schujer (Artemisa), and Siete Veces Julia by Karina Echevarria.

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Laura Michell Laura Michell Laura Michell Laura Michell
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Laura Michell Laura Michell Laura Michell Laura Michell
Laura Michell Laura Michell Laura Michell
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