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Anastasia Bukhnina spent her childhood in Tambov, a small town in Russia. From the age of four she developed a curiosity for drawing, which led her to explore and study art in school. Since then, she would often be seen with pencils in her hands. After graduating from Tambov Technical University in Russia, she joined an advertising agency as a graphic designer. As she worked in advertising, Anastasia kept her passion for drawing and continued developing her technique through various courses in illustration. 10 years ago, she left Moscow and moved to Vienna for her husbandís work. In Vienna, she studied German and worked as a freelance designer. They then moved to London for several years as she continued to take illustration classes. However, they felt that Vienna felt more like home and decided to move back. After the birth of her first child, Anastasia finally comes to the realization of what she loves most. She finally decided to pursue a career in children's illustration and devoted her full time to illustrating for the childrenís book market. She works in traditional drawing techniques, which are implemented in digital format. When not illustrating, Anastasia enjoys the theatre, attending art exhibitions, and practicing Pilates and yoga. She loves to keep a healthy balance between improving herself mentally, physically, and professional.

Below are her most recent projects, How Love is Made by Stuart French (Ethicool Books), Are We Friends? by Hamid Abazari (Magink), Far Faraway.

Anastasia Bukhnina Anastasia Bukhnina Anastasia Bukhnina
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