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Ivanke and Mey are a husband-wife team of illustrators who collaborates and produces art together and live in a small town in Argentina with their first child, Camilo. Ivanke is an illustrator and graphic designer who studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires. He has illustrated for publishers in Argentina, USA and France. Mey is an illustrator and teacher with a Fine Arts degree from Rogelio Yrurutia Art School in Buenos Aires. She has illustrated books for publishers in Argentina, Guatemala and Spain. Moreover, Ivanke and Mey founded a nonprofit organization called Little Big Worlds where they traveled to 32 countries in America, Asia, Africa, and Europe providing art workshops in under privileged schools, hospitals, libraries and orphanages. When not illustrating, the couple loves to play with Camilo, hike, sing, and take pictures. They love to watch the sunset and drink mate while brainstorming for new stories. Ivanke and Mey get their inspiration from nature, from experiences they encountered growing up and from the drawings of children they met in their workshops teaching in small and remote rural schools. Ivanke and May have illustrated several titles together. “Palo Palito Eh!” was the first book they illustrated for Pequeño Editor (Argentina) that won the National Award for Best Baby Book in 2018. They also illustrated “Face Of What?” for Catapulta (Argentina, Brazil, Spain), “Avioncito” for Catapulta (Argentina, Brazil, Spain) and "On Monday I Met Emi" for UNICEF (Argentina).

Below are Ivanke & Mey's most recent projects, Aduki series (Catapulta), Avionet (Catapulta), Cara de Que by (Catapulta), El lunes conocí a Emi by Paula Bombara (Unicef), Palo, palito, eh (Pequeño editor).

Ivanke &  Mey Ivanke &  Mey Ivanke &  Mey Ivanke &  Mey
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Ivanke &  Mey
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