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Mariona Cabassa
Mariona was born in beautiful Barcelona where she currently lives with her loving husband and son. Growing up, she was always drawn to drawing and painting. Luckily, her parents supported all her artistic endeavors such as embroidery, pottery, cooking and even gardening. Mariona studied illustration at the Massana Art School. Shortly thereafter, she completed her postgraduate degree at the School of Fine Arts in Strasbourg where she also learned how to speak French. She combines her work as an illustrator while teaching at several art and graphic design schools in Barcelona. Mariona has more than 40 illustrated books in Spain and other countries. When not illustrating, she is either dancing 5 Rhythms or learning to play the cello.

Below are some of the titles she recently illustrated, Adivina, adivina series (Anaya Infantil Y Juvenil), Flores: meditaciones guiadas by Jorge Zentner (Ediciones B), O dia de Ir e Vir by Alain Allard (Fragmenta), Ándate con ojo by Ángels Navarro (Imaginarium), Cómetelo todo by Mar Benegas(Takatuka), Los caminos de los árboles by Pep Bruno (La Fragatina), Sylvia & Simon by Juan Muñoz-Tébar (Cognitio), Babakunde by Annelise Heurtier (Casterman), Non ai berce coma o colo Traditional Lullabies (Kalandraka).

Mariona Cabassa Mariona Cabassa Mariona Cabassa Mariona Cabassa
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Mariona Cabassa Mariona Cabassa Mariona Cabassa Mariona Cabassa
Mariona Cabassa
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