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John Joven
John grew up in Bogotá, Colombia and studied graphic design at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He still lives there with his wife Ana and 2 children, Avril and Ian. He is fortunate enough to work in his home studio, where he is able to share his passion of drawing and painting with his children while working on projects. He started drawing at an early age and when he was six year old, his parents enrolled him in his first painting, sculpture, and character design class. He remembers his first attempt at illustration drawing Transformers and "Condorito" (a comic character based on anthropomorphic condor from a Chilean cartoonist). He was hooked. John continued to study art with plastic artists. When not illustrating, he enjoys spending quality time with his children, playing soccer with his friends, watching movies and traveling. He has recently visited Argentina, Cuba, and Peru.

Below are some of the titles he recently illustrated, Digging for Dinosaurs by Jaye Garnett (Cottage Door Press), Charlie Takes His Shot by Nancy Churnin (Albert Whitman & Company), Bulldozer Dreams by Sharon Chriscoe (Running Press), How the Leopard Got His Spots and How the Camel got his Hump (Usborne), How The Whale Got His Throat by Anna Milbourne by Anna Milbourne (Usborne), The Elves and the Shoemaker (Usborne), by The Easter Story by Russell Punter, Usborne Illustrated Bible Stories, How the elephnat got his trunk by Anna Milbourne (Usborne), The Wounded Lion: A Tale from Spain by Suzanne I. Barchers (Red Chair Press), Jigsaw with a picture book Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Lesley Sims (Usborne), Worm and Farmer Maguire written by Jeff Dinard (Lerner Publishing Group), Emma the Elephant by Duncan Richardson (Macmillan), 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Usborne), Classical Music for Little Children, Story of Baby Jesus by Mary Kelly (Usborne), Noah's Ark written by Kate Davies (Usborne),Saint George and the Dragon by Louie Stowell (Usborne), and a Cover created for Grupo SM.

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John Joven John Joven John Joven John Joven
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John Joven John Joven John Joven John Joven
John Joven John Joven John Joven John Joven
John Joven John Joven John Joven John Joven
John Joven John Joven
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