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Mercè López
Mercè López was born in Barcelona in 1979 and was the youngest of 3 sisters. Growing up, all Mercè wanted to do was to follow and be with her older siblings. She fondly remembers painting and drawing with her older sister in her room while she studies Biology in college. She also tenderly recalls her other older sister reading The Never Ending Story to her every night. As a result, these experiences allowed Mercè to be drawn and introduced to the world of visual arts.

She graduated in illustration at Llotja Art School in Barcelona. She has illustrated many projects for different markets from design, editorial, cinema, theatre to publishing with Spanish and International book publishers.

As a painter, Mercè loves to demonstrate being original and unique when working on a painting. She diligently works long hours to exhibit a specific atmosphere and incorporate movement to the imagery. She thrives to show all the complexity in a character and in a scene. She appreciates the personal experience of actually looking and noticing the details, textures and brushstrokes of a finished painting. Mercè’ work is inspired by her travels, friends, music, Japanese martial arts, and different cultures that brings her better appreciation of life. She recently moved to Mallorca Spain—for a new adventure!

Below are her most recent projects, Poetry for Kids: William Shakespeare (MoonDance Press), CANDELA Y EL REY DE PAPEL by Reyes Martínez (BAMBÚ), El sisè sentit by Laia de Ahumada Batlle (Fragmenta Editorial), Los Cuadernos De Violeta series by Pepe Maestro (Lectorum Pubns), Candela y el misterio de la puerta entreabierta by Reyes Martínez (Bambú), La casa de los erizos by Ángel Domingo (A buen paso), Que dius que què? by Albert Güell i Juanola (Animallibres), Lunática by Martha Riva Palacio (Fondo de Cultura Económica), El darrer conte de Les mil i una nits by Santi Baró (Baula), El TREN EQUIVOCADO by Jeremy de Quidt (Macmillan Castillo), La isla de las cartas perdidas by Oriol Canosa (Babulinka Books), Un cóndor en Madrid by Paloma Muiña (Edelvives), Me llamo Parvana by Deborah Ellis (Macmillan Castillo), Romeo y Julieta (Fondo de Cultura Económica), Your Heart In A Case by Rebecca Beltrán (Editorial Lumen), La Princesa Ligera by Georges McDOnald (Pulo do Gato). La casa by Daniel Nesquens (A buen paso).

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Mercè  López Mercè  López Mercè  López Mercè  López
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Mercè  López Mercè  López Mercè  López Mercè  López
Mercè  López Mercè  López Mercè  López Mercè  López
Mercè  López Mercè  López Mercè  López Mercè  López
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