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Carles Arbat
Carles was born on 1973 in Bescanó, a little village in Catalonia, Spain. As a child, he was a very curious boy and often glued to “his treasure”, a box of color pencils. He used to spend countless hours scribbling on papers. On one occasion, his creative mind inspired him to paint the family dining room which made his parents quite furious. Some years later, he studied at Olot’s Art School and graduated in 1997 with a degree in Graphic Design. He immediately began his career as an illustrator for educational projects, magazines, and children’s books. He has been very busy ever since and currently lives in Barcelona where he continues to fill pages with color.

Below are some of his recent books, Julio Verne series (Molino), The Ants and the Grasshopper by Nancy Loewen (Picture Window Books), En Bernat, el gat afamat by Cinta Arasa (Jollibre), Un dia de Perros en el Circo de las Pulgas by Mario Catelli (EDICIONES B, S.A.), Els monstres monstruosos by Enric Larreula Vidal (Baula), El Novio de La Bruja by Roberto Aliaga (EDBE), Vet aquí una nit de Reis (Ediciones Baula), ¿Me cuentas una ópera? by Nathalie Pons Roussel (Oniro Infantil), Zeineb, la primera enxaneta by Cinta Arasa Carot (Cadí), El Llibre més Bèstia de les Bèsties, Els llibres gegants & Més històries gegants dels gegants all written by Nicolás Alonso Crozet (Brau Edicions), El gran llibre de les emocions by ESTEVE PUJOL (Parramón).

Carles Arbat Carles Arbat Carles Arbat Carles Arbat
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Carles Arbat Carles Arbat Carles Arbat Carles Arbat
Carles Arbat Carles Arbat Carles Arbat
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